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Outsourcing in the Philippines: A Guide for BusinessesTesting

Welcome! This is your own guide to outsourcing in the Philippines.

We designed this guide to help you understand not only the concept of outsourcing, but also to introduce to you the dynamics of creating, maintaining, and growing a team in the Philippines.

Outsourcing is a very easy concept to grasp. It is a strategy where an organization partners with a third-party entity to perform in-house operations, services, or any other parts of the business.

Companies may choose to outsource to providers within the same country and time zone (onshoring), to providers in neighboring countries (nearshoring), or to providers across the globe (offshoring).

Traditionally, organizations outsource to achieve cost-efficiency, but throughout the years, outsourcing has helped companies add value to different aspects of their business.

Each type of outsourcing has its own benefits, and this guide will focus on what you can get from offshoring specifically to the Philippines.

We know this may take some of your valuable time, so we made sure that every chapter offers concise yet in-depth actionable information that have practical applications.

The outsourcing world has plenty of opportunities waiting for your business, and this guide will definitely put you in a perfect position to grab reap its rewards.

If you’re ready, find a comfortable seat, grab some coffee or tea, breathe in and out, and let’s begin exploring Chapter 1!