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Outsource Mortgage Processing Teams with Emapta

To build competitive advantage, mortgage providers have resorted to outsource mortgage processing for resource-intensive loan processing tasks such as underwriting, post-closing, title ordering, examination, client coordination, and more to low-cost outsourcing destinations.

Rising local workforce costs and high employee attrition are some of the major impediments that fully justify outsourcing mortgage professionals to low-cost labour countries such as the Philippines, where businesses can hire more people for less. Furthermore, in a highly competitive mortgage market, companies must constantly increase their capacity to write more loans and improve service levels while maintaining low overhead expenses.

Emapta has the experience and expertise in building high-performing, easily scalable outsource mortgage processing teams in the Philippines that drive profitable results, faster turnaround times, and better customer satisfaction rates for our clients. Your offshore mortgage loan processing team, can work either remotely or in one of our 14 office locations complete with HR, Admin, and 24/7 IT support.


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We help your offshore talent adapt to the fast-paced mortgage processing environment with an engaging work culture that offers training programs, certification courses, as well as health and wellness activities to retain them successfully and keep them upskilled, motivated, and productive. 


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Looking for a specific finance and accounting solution? Talk with our Accounting Subject Matter Expert with a broad experience in helping clients build finance and accounting teams across different team setups and locations. 


Here are some of the mortgage process automation tasks and processes that our clients have successfully executed offshore as we’ve supported them with the best industry practices, and highly qualified talent: 

Loan Document Management  

Loan Packaging and Review  

Title Support  

Appraisal Ordering  

Fraud Review  

Borrower File Review  

Data Validation  

Fraud Analysis  

Appraisal Ordering and Review 

HUD Statement Preparation 

Reviewing Payoff Statements  

Trailing Document Retrieval  

Assembling the Post-Closing Mortgage Loan Package  

Post-Closing Data Integrity Audits  

Borrower File Review  

Underwriting QC  

Post-Closing Services  

Risk and Data Quality Analysis 


We also have the capabilities to train your existing offshore team members or source mortgage processing talent with the following institutional and vendor-related accreditations: 

Certified Mortgage Processor (NAMP®-CMP) 

Certified Purple Processor (CPP) 

Certified Master Loan Processor (CMLP) 

Certified Ambassador Loan Processor (CALP) 


Our mortgage teams are often composed of entry-, mid- or senior-level professionals in the following roles:

Mortgage Processing Team sample setup for small businesses:

Loan Officer 

Loan Processor 


Credit Investigator 

Escrow Officer 

Compliance Analyst 


We give you the flexibility to decide on your team composition and size, but normally, our offshore mortgage processing team can perform end-to-end loan processing services. We have loan officers who act as the point-of-contact between the mortgage firm’s customer and the staff responsible for processing and approving the loan—from the loan processor down to the compliance analyst. 

If you’re interested in offshoring mortgage processing teams but would like to hear it straight from a peer who has done it, contact us and we can get you referral from one of our existing partners.

Not ready to build a team yetNo worries! We’ve also helped firms who planned to start with hiring 1-2 staff offshore and browse our individual roles.