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Whether you’re looking to outsource technical support or build an entire offshore tech support team to maintain service excellence and customer satisfaction while you increase your offerings, we have the perfect cost-saving strategy for you. Experience the advantages of outsourcing technical support as we manage the process of sourcing, retaining, and developing your offshore tech support talent.

Technical support has been one of the most important roles that the late 20th century has ever produced. The information age required global economies to provide professionals with the knowledge and expertise to educate and solve issues for the growing number of technology consumers.

Today, in the Philippines, hundreds of technical support outsourcing companies with Emapta at the forefront have emerged and are engaged by companies around the world to complete technical support outsourcing projects with ease and excellence.

Evidenced by over 1.2 million direct jobs generated by the entire local BPO industry, it’s easy to see why Filipino tech support professionals are the most qualified candidates for the role.

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Technical Support Specialist Work Experience

Being one of the most outsourced roles in the Philippines, Filipino technical support specialists have the extensive experience and knowledge to fully support wide-ranging types of products, technologies -for both IT software and infrastructure, as well as B2B and B2C transactions.

Here are the technical support role levels categorized by their years of experience and capabilities:

Junior Technical Support Representatives

Fresh graduate to 1 year of relevant work experience with respective training and experience from both local and/or international firms.


• Excellent communication and verbal skills
• Basic knowledge of MS Office
• Basic troubleshooting knowledge of the client’s particular product or service



• Documents and assist customers with filing a ticket
• Performs basic troubleshooting during calls or chat

Experienced Technical Support Representatives

2 to 4 years of relevant tech support experience. This intermediate–level position can fully support multiple products, technologies, and business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions.


• Customer service and interaction skills
• Inbound call support experience
• Advanced troubleshooting knowledge of more than one product or service



• Handles customer complaints passed on by junior technical support specialists
• Perform advanced troubleshooting during calls or chat

Senior Technical Support Representative

4 + years of relevant tech support experience. This senior–level position is considered as a subject matter expert and can support a wide range of products, technologies as well as escalations and business-to-business (B2B) transactions.


• In-depth knowledge of the client’s suite of products and/or services
• Coaching and communication skills
• Advanced customer service and interaction skills



• Coordinates with other departments to resolve highly technical customer queries
• Oversees other junior to experienced technical support specialists
• Monitors and evaluates technical KPIs

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Technical Support Tools

Technical support specialists either use leading systems or proprietary tools developed by their employers. Incident reporting tools, ticketing systems and, CRM tools are the most common systems tech support specialists use to manage their accounts. Typically, employers provide extensive training to make sure their tech support teams are sharp and are well prepared to solve issues for their customers.

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