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Are you looking into customer service outsourcing? Whether you’d like to scale your onshore customer service team or building a new one from scratch offshore, it’s vital to make sure that you have a partner that can quickly source and hire the right people for the job. After all your customer service team is crucial to making or breaking relationships with your clients.

For over two decades, the Philippines has been hailed as one of the best outsourcing destinations in the world. What makes the Philippines tick? The culture of hospitality. Considered as one of the friendliest people you would ever meet, Filipinos are empathic and hospitable individuals who are always ready to lend a helping hand. With these positive virtues and high proficiency in English, they make an exceptional team of customer service professionals.

The BPO industry in the Philippines is booming! With over 500,000 professionals currently employed in the customer service sector, there’s plenty of highly experienced customer service candidates who can immediately join your organization.

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Customer service professionals are highly employed in the following industries:

• Telecommunications
• Financial Services (Banking, Insurance, Investments)
• Retail
• E-commerce and Online Retail
• Healthcare
• Travel & Hospitality
• Food Industry
• Construction & Engineering
• Education
• Professional Services

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Customer Service Work Experience and Qualifications

In the Philippines, CSRs come from all types of educational backgrounds. They don’t come from a particular school or graduate with a degree, but in fact, some of them are short courses graduates. On average, over 400,000 graduates join the formal economy each year, and most of them start their careers in the customer service industry.

Here are the customer service roles categorized by years of experience:


1- 2 years of relevant customer service experience


• Basic written and verbal communication skills
• Basic interpersonal skills
• Digitally literate
• Open to learning key aspects of products/services



• Processes orders, forms, applications, and tickets
• Assists other CSRs in preparing information or answering queries
• Perform work assignments using applications or other automated systems
• Resolving basic customer concerns


2 to 4 years of relevant customer service experience


• Good written and verbal communication skills
• Active listener and problem-solver
• Proactive and patient in customer interactions
• Has in-depth knowledge of the product/services owned by the company



• Can handle both inbound and outbound calls
• Responding to customer queries through varied communication channels
• Resolving advanced customer complaints


4 + years of relevant customer service experience


• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Positive and adaptive in a fast-paced environment
• Has in-depth knowledge of customer service and retention strategies
• ast experience in interacting with customers from different locations



• Managing junior customer service representatives
• Provides feedback and suggestions to improve the customer service process
• Keeps a record of customer interactions, transactions, and feedback

Customer Service Representative Tools

Customer relationship management software (CRM) is the most valuable tool for all CSRs. A typical CSR candidate would have good experience in using some of the most popular CRM systems. If ever you have a specific CRM system you want your customer service representatives to use, they would be able to adapt quickly as CRM systems, in general, have a lot of similarities.

Depending on the number of tools and the complexity of the processes, products, and breadth of customer transactions, training your CSRs to your specific CRM system would not be a problem. Getting them up to speed may only take you 1 to 3 weeks.

Typically, all CSRs in the Philippines are proficient or have intermediate experience in using the leading CRM systems such as:

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