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A premium staffing company with expertly sourced and immediately accessible talent that align with your operational standards, brand and culture.

Build a team of skilled English-speaking professionals, sourced from the top 5% of Philippine talent. Cut operational cost, become more competitive and increase productivity.

It’s time to discover the Emapta difference.

“They really impressed me with their intent to completely understand our company and our challenges.”

Simon Lockwood, Priority Care Medical

Premium Talent

Access to a deeper and richer pool of talent allows you to set your dedicated offshore team on the right path to success. With 40+ recruiters across 14 offices in the Philippines, Emapta offers unrivaled reach to the country’s top-tier talent.

  • Sourcing and placing the right talent the first time, with a 24-month recruitment guarantee
  • A complete background check, including police and reference checks, ensure that candidates are suitable for the role​
  • ​Targeted role-based sourcing strategies leveraging industry forums, job sites, social media, and talent referral programs​
  • Competency and skill assessments test experience across all industries and roles
  • Fully customised recruitment process aligned with your business and talent selection approach​
  • Industry and role-specific subject matter recruitment experts

Check out the different industries and roles we work with.

Some clients have their own dedicated full-time teams with us. Others use us on big projects and to help with their overflow needs. While many more make use of our managed office services. It’s all about tailoring a solution to the individual’s requirements.

At Emapta, we proudly partner with all manner of terrific businesses to help them achieve their goals.

More Than Just Savings

Leveraging outsourcing will enable your business to grow faster, reduce risk, increase profits, and enhance customer experience. Harness our investment in people, processes, infrastructure, and technology to realise the full potential of your business.

  • Free up your local skilled workforce by hiring industry and function-based professionals to take on your non-core tasks​
  • Scale your business faster to support growth and transformational initiatives at a fraction of your local cost
  • ​Increase productivity and customer service levels with 24-hour operations or after-hours service and processing​
  • Ramp up and accelerate your product and technology development by hiring world-class developers, QA, and project managers
  • Reduce infrastructure and office costs by leveraging our investment in 14 state-of-the-art offices across the Philippines
  • Reduce risk by hiring resources on flexible terms to support projects or to launch a new line of business​
  • Harness the latest technologies and our team of IT professionals without the investment
  • ​Centralise your shared service capability across HR, IT, Recruitment, and Finance

What roles are you looking to outsource?

Complete Protection

Delivering Enterprise-grade security to the highest standards and in line with your data protection protocols and practices. In an ever-changing global threat landscape, data security is always top of mind, and Emapta’s on-site Australian IT management team can accommodate the most complex and secure environment for your dedicated team.

We meet all applicable international data privacy laws and work with clients certified under global IT protocols such as:

Our data security protocols provide complete protection through:

Logical & physical security protocols applied across offices, systems, hardware, and software
Office and home-based environments controlled and monitored to ensure maximum security and peace of mind
Fully customized network configurations and IT policies alignment with your onshore business
Regular Vulnerability Management System (VMS) scans on all network devices, servers, and middleware​
Periodic security assessments of IT infrastructure and strict implementation of protocols for enhanced network and perimeter security​
Practices and policies aligned with GDPR, PCI DSS, DPA, and Australian Privacy Act